Space Art New Trend of Our Time

Space has always attracted the mankind with its sparkling splendor and inexplicable mystery. Nowadays, when we have the latest achievements of science and technology at our disposal, we can get a better glimpse into the depths of the Universe and even leave the boundaries of our home planet to admire this beauty from the open space. That has led to the development of what’s known today as space art. This is a term for a type of modern art depicting the wonders of the outer space. In a broader sense, it consists of different art movements such as:

Sculpture. This is one of the first representations of space in human history. Since ancient times, people wante to know what the Earth looks like. It is believed that the first space sculpture was created by Nikolai Kopernik. He built the first model of our Galaxy that we know now. This model became the basis of further science and art development. Anyway, in the 21th century, the majority of Space Art has been replaced by new computer technologies.

  • Photography. Few people know that Space Photography was born during Apollo missions. It gave us a huge amount of photos showing the Earth and outer space. Photographs taken by explorers on the Moon shared the experience of being on another planet. This mission was continued by current satellites, which today give us clear pictures of other planets as well as different parts of our Galaxy.
  • Artistry. Paintings of space are a fundamental part of scientific and technological progress, since all new space technologies are born in scientists’ minds first and then shaped on paper. Some artists had the opportunity to work directly with space flight technologies. However, many paintings depicting space have nothing to do with science and everything to do with art. Colorful, imaginative and breathtaking, these images are very popular for home decoration. If you are looking for something of the sort, check out shuttle art by Leonid Afremov here. The painting represents a flying rocket that symbolizes a new start, new discoveries and perspectives. But aside from that, it also conveys the artist’s emotions – excitement, happiness and rapture – expressed in bright colors and exuberant strokes.

Photography and painting is an integral part of modern art. It gives us incredible emotions and makes us think once again about the meaning of human existence on our planet, so huge yet so little in the vastness of the open space, with many other world rotating around their luminaries somewhere millions of light years away from us.