Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Usually, most people get confused while selecting a tattoo design at tattoo shop Shoreditch. Most of us often get influenced from others and try to choose only those designs on our self. But it is always good to choose a design with a meaning rather according to what is considered feminine or masculine. At the tattoo shop Stratford, the tribal designs are the most requested design for tattoo which looks best on people with different age groups be it female or male. Generally, tribal designs are big which covers an astonishing collection of tattoo design from the traditional tribal tattoos of aboriginal and indigenous cultures for the body.

Another popular design among women at the tattoo shop East London is butterfly tattoos. These butterflies tattoo designs are pretty, feminine and have a amazing meaning behind it. Butterfly tattoo design symbolizes not to be trapped and the desire of a women to be free and spread her wings. Butterfly tattoo designs are also a symbol of delicacy and beauty. Women all over East London are using them as inspiration, as these butterfly tattoos comes in different colors and shapes. Star tattoos are much loved by both women and men. Star tattoos symbolize truth, spirit and home along with symbolizing different connections with religions. Zodiac signs tattoos are a representation of our personality and ourselves.

A lot of things about ourselves can be known through the zodiac signs along with our destiny. Roses tattoos are loved by both women and men alike. Roses tattoos can be simple or complex, black or colorful and white, but one has to accept that it symbolizes beauty. Roses tattoos also means inner and outer beauty, love, strength and passion. White roses means innocence, red roses mean passion, black roses mean death, loss and mourning. Bird tattoos comes in countless forms and shapes. Bird tattoo symbolizes hope and freedom. Before getting yourself a bird tattoo, make sure that you know the different meaning of different species. For example, peacocks symbolize beauty, whereas doves mean hope and peace.

Wings tattoo symbolizes that we are not owned by anyone and can fly away, hence a sense of freedom is denoted. Wings tattoos comes in all sizes and shapes , some people have large set of tattoo on their back, whereas some have a tiny pair of tattoo on themselves. One of the common tattoo worn by women are lilies. Lilies in different cultures have countless meaning, the most common of which are fertility, peace, purity and prosperity. Lilies symbols are often seen as good luck symbol, and they also mean wealth and pride. Some colors of lilies tattoos can also have opposite meaning, for example orange color lilies tattoos is said to be symbol of anger and hate. One of the oldest tattoos designs available is anchor tattoos. Over a hundred years ago, they became popular among merchants and sailors. Anchor tattoos symbolize journeys, stability, strong foundations. Selection of tattoo design is all depending on your personal choice.